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About Us

At Bowie’s Buddies, our goal is to provide a happy and safe environment for your furry friend to stay, whilst you are away for work or play! We create a fun and cosy holiday for dogs, replicating the type of home they’re used to, whether that’s having a cuddle on the sofa or having their own space to kick back and relax. We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard and take every step possible to ensure that our guests are never stressed and always have a great time.

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Walk & Play

We will provide whatever exercise needs your dog requires, whether that’s 2 long walks a day or shorter strolls and some indoor play, so you can rest assured they're getting the exercise they need.

Familiar Environment

We will replicate whatever habits your dog has at home. From lounging on the couch to a strict bedtime!

Dedicated Care

Your dog will get undivided attention from Bowie’s Buddies, and will of course get to play and relax with Bowie during their stay.

Drop off/Pick up Taxi

We offer a taxi service for if need any help with travelling your pup to and from Bowie’s Buddies.

Doggy Diary

You can opt-in to the doggy diary option, where you'll get a personalised diary of your pup's adventures during their stay - complete with photos!


We'll take a number of high quality photos of your dog during their stay. You'll have the option to buy framed versions of your favourites if any take your fancy!

  • £ 150

  • 7 night stay
  • Doggy Diary not included
  • Taxi Pick Up not included
  • Taxi Drop Off not included
  • DBS Checked Pet Sitter
  • Canine First Aid Trained
  • Fully Insured