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At Bowie's Buddies our goal is to create a strong bond between you and your dog, by putting emphasis on how your dog feels. We aim to form an open line of communication between you both, by helping you to understand what your dog is trying to tell you about how he or she feels, and in turn them understanding what you're asking them to do.

Using only positive methods, we focus on training life skills to dogs, prioritising their emotions, and making sure they are always happy and comfortable.

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Meet us

Natalie Jones
Cert. TPTD

Hi! I’m Natalie.

I’ve always loved and been connected to dogs, ever since I was little, when I had the pleasure of growing up with a gorgeous Labrador called Paws. I fell in love with training and working with dogs when I quit my old job, and Bowie came into my life.

I started my dream job (working with dogs!), by working as a dog walker, which gave me experience with a wide range of breeds, ages, and behaviours. I have since completed many different training courses, the most notable being the Training Instructor Course at Waggawuffins, which I passed with distinction.

I am passionate about helping you with your dog, as I know it’s not always plain sailing, and my aim is to help take the pressure off any struggles you might be having, help educate you in order for you to feel more confident and calm, which is also reflected in how your dog feels and behaves. And of course have fun along the way! I understand that when you brought your lovely dog home, you had a dream of what your life would be like. However, sometimes we hit bumps in the road, and it might not be panning out the way you envisioned it. I hope to remind you of your initial desire for your lovely little (or big!) companion, and ultimately my aim is to make that dream life come true for you and your gorgeous dog!

Bowie Jones

Hi! I’m Bowie! I’m a beautiful, bouncy, working line Irish Setter, otherwise known as a Red Setter, because of my beautiful and luscious mahogany fur!

My Mum and I have been on our life journey since 2017, and because of my Mum’s work I’m thriving and have the best life a humble little dog like me could ever dream of!

I love having doggy pals to play and hang out with, and I always share my toys, treats, and cosy spots on the sofa.

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Our Approach

By educating you, the owner, to understand what your dog's body language means, we work together to make sure your pup always feels safe, and if they don't, how to help them feel safe, or when to take them out of the scary situation.

By learning about how your dog is feeling, the bond between you both will become stronger, and your communication and understanding of each other will thrive, ensuring a happy and enriching life together.

This goes further than the basics such as 'sit' and 'go in your bed', as we work on teaching them how they should behave and feel in certain situations, that are unique to your life with your dog.

Be it working on your dog learning to settle while you work, or taking them into the office with you, or getting focus and a reliable recall when out and about, we can help you build a strong bond with your pup in different life situations and environments.

Services & Prices


(Subject to availability)

Currently available in Levenshulme, Cheadle and surrounding areas

Group Walk (1 hour)

A happy hour of exercise for your dog, with up to 3 other dogs. Please get in touch if you have any specific walking needs for your furry friend.

Training Walk (1 hour)

A solo walk with your dog and Natalie, where your dog can learn and practice good behaviours. The training covered is then explained to you, so that you can continue to work on it with your dog.


121 session (1 hour)

Great for tackling any current issues that you and your dog are struggling with. This is a one-to-one session with Natalie, which also includes a written report that will be sent to you after the session, detailing what was covered, and any training plans discussed.

Multi-booking packages

Please get in touch for more information about booking a tailored training package for your dog and you.

Puppy training package

Covers basic training & life skills such as: Settle, Recall, On lead walking, Crate training, House training, Food manners, Socialisation, Puppy biting/mouthing, Jumping up & Can include any specific issues you need help with

Home Visits & Let Outs

(30 mins)

If you have a young puppy who can’t go out on walks yet, or an older dog who can’t go out for any reason, then home visits are perfect for some at-home playtime (and toilet time!) whilst you’re out.

Home Boarding

We can provide a cosy home for your pup to stay, while you’re away for work or play!

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